I popped in a classic movie last night, 1980's The Gods Must Be Crazy. Still a great movie, still hilarious and probably more relevant than ever today. With the modern advancement in technology, there's a message to remember folks. Am I just getting older or does this seem to be the equation?: Simplicity = Happiness

Just a big screen portrayal of course but I think it would work. I think being a Bushmen, with no knowledge and thus no understanding of civilized people, would bring about true happiness. It's too late now but I almost wish I was born in a remote land or at another time when I could just live off the land with my brethern and never know of these material things we all treasure so dearly. A simple man-made object (the coke bottle) began the decline of their utopia. Just sayin.

Again just a movie, but just a reasonable thought to take with you amongst the hilarity. Something to consider if you get a break from your Droid or Facebook account. I'm gonna go disrobe and draw some water from the Earth.