So I've already had breakfast this morning at the Huntley Dining Room. It's really quite pleasant when you're one of the first people awake in the building. Biscuits and gravy are always a good idea in my book. So Big Sky skiing is on the agenda today. "The Biggest Skiing In American", they say.

Yesterday afternoon on my way up here the Gallatin Canyon was LOADED with bighorns. Had to stop three times for the buggers which is fine as long as you've actually got enough time to stop. (I even had a second to snap a picture.)

Sundays probably aren't big party nights up in Big Sky, so not sure what the evening holds. Probably an evening of planning and note taking. As I've referenced once before, there is actually a purpose to me hiding in Big Sky for a couple days and I think in a few months you'll think it's a good purpose too.

Well, off to bundle up. There a light snow falling this morning and they're expecting quite a bit in the next 24 hours. Have to get to "work". -Michelle

The Little Buggers Were Everywhere