Gonna be a good one, the first "I Ski With The Moose" is Saturday at Bridger Bowl. Michelle Wolfe is giving those Saturday-only passes away on the Moose Morning Show. I think she has only given about half of them away too, so make sure you tune in tomorrow if you wanna try to ski for free on Saturday.

I'll be at Bridger Bowl on Saturday but I'm really looking forward to some quality couch time this weekend. The NFL playoffs resume and there really isn't a game I'm not looking forward to. They should all be good ones (although the Seahawks need to bring their A-game on the road against the Bears to have a shot in that one). But here's the rundown, on Saturday you've got Baltimore at Pittsburgh (classic) and Green Bay at Atlanta (which I think will be another dog fight). Sunday has Seattle at Chicago and the most anticipated game of the playoffs so far, The Jets at New England. I'm really looking forward to that one (even though those are my two least favorite teams).

So crack a beer and plant yourself on that couch. It's o.k., it's the NFL playoffs (basically a holiday in this country)