I experienced the Sleigh Ride Dinner at Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky over the weekend and it was an experience I will never forget! Enter to win your trip now, you will not be disappointed. Here's more:

The stars aligned perfectly for our mini vacation at Lone Mountain Ranch. I couldn't help but wish the sleigh ride to and from dinner was just a bit longer. It was a beautiful, clear night and the stars were shining brighter than I could remember ever seeing them. A duo of Belgian horses guides your sleigh to a log dinner cabin. If you haven't already started wondering how you stumbled upon time travel, the feeling truly sets in when you take your seat in this pastoral palace.

The staff at Lone Mountain Ranch adds to the impression of a kinder, simpler, more fantastic time and place. Chef Jeff was all smiles as he provided some history behind the 100-year-old cast iron stove that cooks your steak to absolute perfection. Live music, supplied by a lovely husband and wife, added to the mood. Heart-felt songs, some also as old as a century, rang true again. The atmosphere invites new and strengthens old friendships.

The cabin we stayed in provided all the quaint, quiet beauty we had hoped. After dinner, I threw some logs in the big, stone fireplace and my wife and I sat and marveled in the warmth of the place (on every level). I feel fortunate to have learned firsthand what a special giveaway this is. I hope whoever wins enjoys it as much!