I've got a few headlines to share with the Dude/Man/Bros (as M Wolfe would say). Actually, this stuff could be of interest to both genders (but mainly the guys).

This first one will definitely be of interest to plenty of guys and gals alike. A leaked memo from RCA Records, The Strokes American record label, has revealed that the group's much anticipated new album is set for a March 22nd release. The record's title and track listing are still unknown.

33 yr-old Columbia singer Shakira just revealed on her blog that she and her boyfriend of 11 years (his name not important) have split up. Keep hope alive fellas.

ABC has renewed several of their TV shows for another season but good news, they still have not renewed Desperate Housewives. Keep hope alive here as well (I'm sure there are others of you who live with a woman, like me, that are sick of having to inadvertently catch glimpses of that evening soap opera).

That's it for now, Cheers!