There was no better feeling you got as a kid when first hearing an ice cream siren in your neighborhood, and as it turns out that feeling hasn't been diluted all that much for me by the harsh reality of adult life. My adolescent brain has been triggered now that the happy ice cream tunes have returned to me on my 35th summer, thanks to this family who is bringing cool treats to neighborhoods in Belgrade, Manhattan and Church Hill.

Mountain Chillers is a company that a local family of four started after the two boys (or very young men) in the family had the insight to inquire about ways to raise money for their college funds. Their parents, in wanting to help out and teach them the value of hard work, helped them literally get an ice cream truck off the ground. It's a little yellow truck on three wheels that holds a big variety (they carry Good Humor, Nestle, Ben & Jerry's, and Popsicle products).

If you live in the Belgrade area, look out for these good folks! Treat your kids (they will be forever grateful) and help two smart, hard working boys get the college education they deserve. "Like" them on Facebook to find their routes and weekly specials!