Montana State University's Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems program has been named one of the 10 best college environmental programs in the country by Mother Nature Network.

MNN, an online network that promotes environmental and social responsibility, recognized the colleges and universities for incorporating sustainability into the curriculum.

Bruce Maxwell, chair of the Campus Sustainability Advisory Council at MSU and a professor of applied plant ecology said,

We're very pleased to be recognized. Montana State's Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems program brings together coursework in plant sciences, agriculture, food and nutrition, animal science, environmental engineering and ecology, which makes it truly unique.

The program started nearly three years ago as a partnership between the College of Agriculture and the College of Education, Health and Human Development. It offers four options (agroecology, sustainable crop production, sustainable food systems and sustainable livestock production) that each lead to a bachelor's degree in science.

Other universities with programs in MNN's top 10 include Cornell University, Duke University, Arizona State University and Yale University.

Some experiential learning for students takes place at Towne's Harvest Garden, a 3-acre diversified vegetable farm located near campus. For more information, check out this video: