The play of New York Knicks' point guard Jeremy Lin is sweeping the nation. You gotta love the story: an undrafted bench player who was previously cut by two NBA teams is now putting up insane numbers after being forced into the lineup by injuries. Lin also has an elaborate pregame handshake that is now being replicated and posted on Facebook..a la Tebowing.

Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow have a lot in common: two professional athletes who were not supposed to have the skills for any professional success. Not only did they get on the field of play, but they led their teams to unthinkable victory. Now the underdog rite of passage continues with Jeremy Tim Tebow before him, he too now has his own online Facebook photo trend. It's called "Linning"

Lin went to Harvard. To pay homage to his nerd roots, his pregame handshake involves cupping his hands around his eyes like thick glasses. A lot of people are now taking photos of themselves making the Lin glasses hand signal at each other and posting them online. I don't know, I don't think "Linning" quite makes as unique a picture as "Tebowing"...what do you think?