Treasures of NAPOLEON, an exhibit with more than 250 of Napoleon's personal items will be on display at the Museum of the Rockies starting today. Pierre-Jean Chalencon, a collector who has dedicated most of his life to collecting Napoleon's belongings, owns every artifact in the exhibit.

Chalencon says he has been collecting Napoleon's belongings since he was 10 years-old, and now owns more than 2,000 of his personal pieces. He brought some of his extraordinary collection from France. The exhibit features more than 250 Napoleon artifacts, most of which are being displayed for the first time in the Museum of the Rockies.

Chalencon told KBZK,

I have 450 to 500 books from his library. I have manuscripts from his sister and his mother. I have drawings, carvings, paintings, fabrics, jewelry, ceramics, and carpets. I have everything from the time. Seventy-five percent of the artifacts that you see here are completely new in the show.

The exhibit opens today and will remain at the Museum of the Rockies through October 7th.