I often bug Michelle Wolfe with a barrage of questions every morning (just because I know how much she appreciates it). She really loves when I bust into the Moose studio in the morning when she has headphones on and can't hear me coming.

I just found her in the production studio in my latest invasion into Michelle's multi-tasking flurry of a morning. I'm glad I did as something caught my ear.

Michelle was in the production studio ripping new music for the Moose during a break in the morning show. How she doesn't have time for my important interruptions is beyond me (I honestly forgot already what I needed from her....2 minutes ago). But anyway, the song she was downloading was a new Stockholm Syndrome song.

Most Moose fans I'm sure are already familiar with Stockholm Syndrome but I thought I'd add a blurb anyway on this fascinating collaboration, which is truly an all-star cast. When Widespread Panic bass player Dave Schools and acclaimed singer/songwriter Jerry Joseph of the Jackmormons decided to collaborate, each initially thought the side project would be a cool, if temporary, change of pace.

With one studio album released, a second set for release today and multiple tours behind them, Stockholm Syndrome has transcended being just a side project. Together their “Dream Team” including Eric McFadden, Danny Louis, and drummer Wally Ingram, Stockholm Syndrome is a thrilling band greater than the sum of its’ parts.

Stockholm Syndrome's second studio album, Apollo, is set to be released today (February, 15, 2011). Listen out for "Town and Country" off Apollo which will be airing on the Moose very soon. It was hard to hear over Michelle's death glare in the studio but it sounded like another gem!