Next Tuesday the 31st of May marks the release of Eddie Vedder's 'Ukulele Song's CD to one and all. Thing is, we have an early copy and will be giving you a big preview during the Sunday Brunch this Sunday Morning from 9-noon.

I will have a special guest in the Moose Studio.  He just so happens to be the biggest Pearl Jam fan within a 1000 mile radius and he has the bootlegs, ticket stubs  and early releases to prove it! He will also be bringing along a collection of acoustic tracks from Pearl Jam. Because in addition to it being the release of Eddie Vedder's latest solo effort- it is also the 20th Anniversary for the band Pearl Jam.

I understand, its a Holiday weekend- but you wont want to miss this one. See you Sunday! L.

p.s. and in case you are wondering who this special guest is, it is of course Mr. Pearl Jam himself- Trey. The show wouldn't be possible without him- as a matter of fact, it was his great idea- so thank you Trey- fun will be had this Sunday morning.