As a HUGE Giants fan, I'm most excited about the actual game this Sunday. The Super Bowl, however, is more than just a game...its an event, a party, a holiday in this country. There will once again be parties, tons of food, new $3.5 million commercials, and an exciting halftime show!

The halftime entertainment is not The Who or Bruce Springsteen this year. No, the halftime show this year is more to keep the ladies happy (which may not be a bad thing). Madonna will be gracing the stage in Indianapolis. She just popped up on the Super Bowl injury report, btw. Madge said she pulled a hamstring while rehearsing for the show, and also suffered a cut on her nose. She's a trooper though, saying she will play through it.

I feel like one of the players. But I'm alright. You have to be ready for your game so I rehearse, rehearse, rehearse so I'm ready for anything.

Madonna seemed in good spirits yesterday at a news conference. She even did some salsa dancing in honor of my boy Victor Cruz (a wide receiver for the Giants). Check it out.