Hilarious Ways to Hold A Baby [VIDEO]
This instructional video might come in more handy for the dads out there. Learn such baby holds as the "Hide Ya Beer Belly" and "The Show Off To The Other Dads Superman". All you need is a baby. Enjoy.
Vote Now For ‘Montana’s Cutest Baby’ [FINALS ROUND]
It's time to vote for Montana's Cutest Baby. Three babies from each of the most populated towns in the state have been chosen, and now it's time to choose the overall winner. Vote now until Sunday, April 26. You can vote once per every 12 hours and can increase the odds of your favori…
Popular Baby Bumbo Seat Recalled
So weird to this consumer alert today, considering my wife and I just introduced a Bumbo to our 4 month-old. Bumbo International is recalling the popular baby seats after after various reports of infants who fell out of them. Details here:
Puppy Teaches Baby How To Chew [VIDEO]
Hey, I'm a dude that likes cute dog/cat/baby YouTube videos. There, I said it. You're telling me you don't want to see a Puggle puppy teaching a baby how to chew? This could be the cutest one yet!