Ever Been in the Middle of a Stampede? [VIDEO]
Our very own Ann Ledon went to Gardiner, Montana this past weekend for the first time to see the Hell's A Roaring Outfitters Annual Horse Drive. She got what she was looking for and was RIGHT in the middle of it!
Urban Riding Safety Clinic Rescheduled
The Gallatin Equestrian Partnership (GallEP) has cancelled and is rescheduling its Sunday, May 22nd annual Urban Riding Safety Clinic, due to an outbreak of Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1) that has led to the death of horses in several states.
It’s All Love
There definitely seems to be a mutual respect between horse and cat, neither seem threatened at all by the other. The horse in this video is Winston, a horse my mother in-law was boarding for someone. That's my friend Russ there holding his cat as the two greet each other.