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MOOSE Studio Clutter Spawns Greatness, Right?
We often give tours of our studios to guests such as clients, listeners and school kids. It dawned on me this morning that most of these folks, young or old, must think this place is a circus of craziness.
Scars On 45 In The Studio [VID]
The English band, Scars On 45 stopped by the moose studio a couple of weeks ago and we got to spend a bit of time with the very talented up and coming group. The group from Leeds, England has a sound that has been described as having a gentle melodic intensity. Check them out for yourself in this re…
Scars On 45 Visit The Moose Studio
A new song debuting on the Moose lately is "Give Me Something" by Scars on 45. Scars is a new English band that has been quickly making waves in the music world. They stopped by the Moose studio today on their way through Montana and I was blown away by two things.