Watch this Insane Fight Between NASCAR Pit Crews
With about two laps to go in the AdvoCare 500, NASCAR Driver Jeff Gordon crashed into fellow driver Clint Bowyer. The bump sent Bowyer into the wall and sparked one of the greatest NASCAR fights of all-time -- in the pits!
What The Hell Is So Great About NASCAR? Seriously.
So the Daytona 500 is this Sunday (which I just heard about since I don't watch the Bubba Channel) and this seems to be the first year that I don't see a bunch of yahoos wearing driver's jackets/hats in preparation for the race. Jesus, I hate NASCAR.
Tough Time Of Year For This Sports Fan
I am a huge football and baseball fan, I always realize just how much this time of year (when football ends and I'm waiting for a new season of baseball to begin). Where to turn to get my sports fix has been the question I have yet to answer. March Madness helps but basketba…