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R.E.M. Quickly Returns to the Studio for Its Next Album
Over the last 15 years or so, R.E.M. fans have grown accustomed to three-to-four-year waits between new albums -- but it looks like the band is speeding things up for its next release.
With its most recent album, 'Collapse Into Now,' a mere four months old, R.E.M. is already in an Athens, Georgia stu…
Wilco Drops New Single, ‘I Might’
You’ll have to wait until September to hear Wilco’s new album, ‘The Whole Love,’ but you can get a taste right now because the band released its new single, ‘I Might,’ over the weekend.
Timed to coincide with the return of the Solid Sound Fest — the Wilco-curated festival that takes place in Massachu…
The Strokes’ New Album ‘Angles’
Just hitting the shelves come and check out the newest from The Strokes entitled 'Angles'. Rolling Stone is calling it their favorite The Strokes album since 2001. Don't take their word for it take a listen and decide for yourself inside. I've liked it so far.
The Strokes New Album
Many people thought the The Strokes were broken up and they admit they rarely saw each other for a long time, but all that matters now is that they are working on a new album that may hit shelves as early as this March.