Could You Be Dating A Psychopath? [VIDEO]
Kevin Dutton does it again, this time with an objective take on the possibility that you're dating a psychopath. Sadly, according to several of the "tells" Kevin talks about I'm fairly certain half of my friends are definitely dating a psychopath.
Best Beach Make-Out Scenes in Movies [VIDEOS]
'From Here to Eternity,' Columbia Pictures
A kiss is a kiss is a kiss – except when it's more than a kiss. Hollywood is famous for its kiss scenes. Whether it's the waves cascading against the sand or the sun shining down in all the right places, some of the most romantic h…
New Study Says Men Value Cuddling More Than Women Do
Who says men don't like to cuddle? Not the Kinsey Institute.
The group that studies human sexuality recently asked 1,009 heterosexual middle-aged and older couples in long-term relationships about how satisfied they are with their relationships and sex lives. The results may surprise you.

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