Study Shows Siri May Not Be As Smart As It Thinks It Is
Apple’s Siri app turned a lot of heads and ears when the iPhone 4S first hit the shelves. The voice controlled app looked and sounded like something from an Arthur C. Clarke novel.
However, it may not bring us any closer to having a real HAL 9000 computer (and considering what happene…
Are In-Car Devices Getting Out Of Hand?
What's important to you when buying a vehicle? In today's tech world it seems buyers care more about how they can incorporate their iPhones, pods, pads into their car than how much gas it gets or how well it will protect them in a crash. That being said 5,500 people died last year due to d…
The High-Tech Trends At CES 2011
Are you into gigantic clear as life TV's? Or maybe laptops that fit into envelopes? The CES 2011 has anything and everything you could want tech wise and it's all stuff you probably can't afford. Either way if you're like us you will enjoy salivating over these delicious gadgets.