I love that our community gets together on Thanksgiving morning and embraces the true meaning of this holiday. I've been here 3 years now but I'm embarrassed to say that last year was the first year I participated in Huffing for Stuffing. I know that you can donate to the food bank throughout the year (and you should) but there's something to be said about waking up early on Thanksgiving morning and getting out in the freezing cold to run. There's such a buzz as everyone pins a number to their Huffing for Stuffing T-shirt and stretches and tries to stay warm. I don't know, there's a huge feeling of community pride. Everyone around you is in this together, donating their time and money and spreading awareness for an important cause.

I participated in the 5k run last year and started off in a comfortable jog but once I started warming up my competitive side took over. I usually run about once or twice a week, but usually at a slightly shorter distance than 3.12 miles. So shortly after passing a few people and feeling pretty good about myself I realized I couldn't keep up the pace. That competitive drive kept pushing though, due to the fact that people were trying to pass me and that there was an electronic chip attached to me that would accurately post my time in the paper the next day. I must have been a sight when I crossed the finish line gasping for air and wiping the snot off my face.

I had so much fun almost killing myself last year. It really is a great feeling when you truly stuff your face later without any guilt whatsoever present. But mainly because you made a sacrifice for those less fortunate. That's what it's all about so sign up and participate in this year's Huffing for Stuffing, you'll be glad you did. All the details are online at huffingforstuffing.com. You don't have to kill yourself by the way, go at your own pace and enjoy the day. I plan on taking it easy myself this year (until the first person passes me).