A new survey asked 2,000 women what little things make them feel good. Check out that Top 20 list, along with a Top 20 list that two real Montana women from the office here put together. I realize this is a pretty small sample size so I ask you, is it accurate? I believe it is because of how awesome it is. Montana chicks rock!

Here are the results of that general survey from The Daily Mail:

  1. A compliment from a friend or significant other
  2. Having hair that was just styled, cut, or colored
  3. Looking good in a photo
  4. Having perfectly smooth legs
  5. Getting a good night's sleep
  6. Cuddling
  7. Being told, "I love you"
  8. Coming back from vacation with a tan
  9. A smile from a stranger
  10. Wearing new underwear
  11. Being told, "You look young"
  12. Being asked where you bought something
  13. Getting dressed up
  14. A child saying you're pretty
  15. Waking up without any blemishes
  16. Wearing clothes that show off the best part of your body
  17. Getting your eyebrows done
  18. Being asked out on a date
  19. A new manicure
  20. Putting on makeup

Here are the results of the Montana Women survey (again, only two born and bred Montana women from the office put this together):

  1. Putting on your "go-to" jeans that always fit just right
  2. A good stiff drink or an ice cold brew
  3. Jumping in a puddle after it rains
  4. A genuine thank you for a job well done
  5. Getting all dolled up for no good reason
  6. A guy asking you to dance
  7. Enjoying an outdoor concert underneath the Big Sky
  8. When the Montana State Bobcats win!
  9. Going on vacation
  10. Floating the river with a beer in your hand
  11. Driving down an old country road with the radio turned up
  12. A compliment from a stranger
  13. Smelling mom's fresh baked cookies
  14. Wearing a brand new pair of socks
  15. Having perfectly smooth legs (unless its winter)
  16. When a man opens the door for you
  17. Sleeping in fresh sheets
  18. Friday at 4:45 pm
  19. Hitting the fresh powder on opening day
  20. A new pair of shoes/boots

That's why we love Montana women right there. That second list was a much better one (in one man's opinion). What did we miss, all you MT women out there? (leave your comment below and I will share them on the air)