29-year-old Jackie Samuel loves snuggling so much that she started a business called The Snuggery, in which clients pay her $60 an hour for a relaxing cuddling session.

Samuel says "snuggling" is not a code word for anything else in her upstate New York business. Sexual contact is strictly forbidden and all clothes stay on. "This is not about sex, and I'm really straightforward about that," she explains. To make sure none of her clients get out of line Samuel always has a friend or family member nearby during the session.

Samuel started The Snuggery last month. So far she has a few clients, but not enough yet to quit her other job as a real estate agent. Do you think this cuddle-for-cash thing will catch on? Do you believe in the healing power of a good cuddle enough to pay a stranger for such services? That last question is probably more for the single people, as many believe cuddling is more intimate than actual sex. What do you think? Here's Samuel herself with more: