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Ski season is upon us, which means it's time for the annual Upgrade My Gear giveaway!

Still rockin’ a one-piece? Have skis from 1991? Chalet Sports in downtown Bozeman is going to hook someone up with some awesome new gear!

We can’t wait to upgrade YOUR gear this season with skis and bindings, ski poles and Scott clothing, including a jacket and pants.


This year's Upgrade My Gear package includes:

  • Skis (Line Sick Day 104 OR Pandora 104)
  • Bindings (Marker Griffon 13 OR Squire 11)
  • Ski poles (Line Grip Stick)
  • Scott clothing - jacket and pants (up to $500 in value)

There are two ways to enter:

  • Enter below by telling us briefly WHY your gear needs to be upgraded to SKITACULAR
  • Enter in person at Chalet Sports in downtown Bozeman (corner of Main and Willson)

Standard contest rules apply.

Upgrade Your Gear 2018

We would love to hear why you need Chalet Sports to upgrade your ski gear this winter.
  • Name*
  • Why you desperately need to upgrade your gear in 1,500 characters or less.
  • Photo of Your Current Gear (optional but helpful). Please submit a .jpeg, .jpg, .JPEG or .JPG and make sure there are no special characters or spaces in the filename.