Do You Know What Cookie Monster’s Real Name Is? [VIDEO]
My daughter is about to celebrate her first birthday. She can't tell us yet what she wants that to entail, so we are taking it upon ourselves to create a Cookie Monster theme. She loves her stuffed Cookie Monster (so it seems like the logical choice). Thanks to my new found love for Cookie, somethin…
‘SNL’ Tackles the Stranded Carnival Cruise
One of the most talked about topics this past week was the stranded Carnival cruise ship that found itself simply floating along in the ocean without power, sanity, and toilets. Naturally, the story eventually found itself on the floor of studio 8H in Rockefeller Plaza -- home of 'Saturday…
SNL Offers the Pope a Retirement Plan
Saturday Night Live doesn't often tackle religion, but when it rains, it pours! You may have already seen the instantly viral 'Djesus Uncrossed,' but have you seen the fake advertisement for a service that assists Popes with their retirement plans? It manages to combine relevant comed…
Top Gear Korea Helicopter Crash [VIDEO]
I didn't even realize there was a Top Gear Korea, although I'm a big fan of the BBC Top Gear and watch it religiously every weekend. Note: according to producers, no one was seriously injured in this helicopter crash caught on camera.

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