I need to apologize to my wife because I just became an even bigger fantasy football nerd last night. We decided to have a life draft this year for the first time. That requires grown men and women getting together and squabbling over the temporary "fantasy" rights of other grown men that they don't know. We looked like a bunch of geeks but I had a lot of fun.

Buffalo Wild Wings is the place to host a live fantasy draft. They provide you with a free fantasy draft kit, complete with a draft poster, coozies, a flag, and a bunch of $10 vouchers to be used at a later date! We had the computer set up and talked a bunch of garbage about the skills of professional athletes who are far superior than our own. Ladies, it's not sexy. We know it but we can't help it. I am so ready for the season to kick off so I can continue my trash talk from the comfort of my couch. Are you ready for some football?