Talihina Sky: The Story of the Kings of Leon will premier on Showtime August 21st. According to Rolling Stone, there's a moment late in the documentary where drummer Nathan Followill, operating the video camera, confronts his visibly inebriated brother Caleb (lead singer), in a loud, angry manner. The tense moment apparently happened during the recording of "Only By The Night":

"You don't realize – you get drunk and you talk sh#t to everybody who makes you who you are," Nathan yells. "You're a piece of sh#t and your band cannot f*cking stand you!" Caleb hangs his head shamefully, as Nathan continues. "I sing every goddamn song for you because your little p#ssy-ass voice gets hoarse! F*ck you – we have made you."

It's hard not to view that confrontation as evidence of the family band's recent troubles. They canceled the remainder of their summer tour after an aborted show in Dallas, brother Jared (bass) then left  frustrated tweets leading to ensuing rumors about alcoholism and internal dysfunction.

Pulled from over 700 hours of footage, Talihina Sky volleys between clips of the group recording and performing to footage taken at the Followill clan's rowdy annual family reunion. According to Stephen C. Mitchell, the film's director and longtime friend of the band, their extended family is almost as important to the film as the group itself. "They’re very colorful and special characters," Mitchell says. "I’d always been told about these people by the boys, and so when I finally got to meet them, they welcomed me in and sort of treated me like a family member, too. They hold [the band] very close, and keep their lives real. One thing I hope comes out in the film is that these guys are a family first. They're going to keep that focus in place. And they’re gonna be back, and back better than ever."

I'm very anxious to see this documentary and hopefully gain some insight into the band to make my own judgements.

via Kings of Leon: Premiere clip from 'Talihina Sky' | Rolling Stone Videos.