This holiday weekend is all about fun with friends and family but unfortunately it is also one of the most dangerous and deadly times of the year, due to an increase in impaired driving. AAA Spokeswoman Denise Harris says "alcohol is a factor in over 43 percent of all traffic deaths in Montana; many of these fatal accidents occur around the holidays."

More efforts to reduce impaired driving accidents are being made every year. The city of Bozeman will be doing its part in actively participating in such efforts this holiday season by offering Tipsy Tow. The Tipsy Tow program will be providing alcohol-impaired drivers with a free car tow and ride home within a 10-mile radius of the pickup location. This program will be running through January 1st. For a Tipsy Tow ride in Bozeman, call the Operation Tipsy Tow phone number with Elite Towing at 586-7306.

Have fun ringing in the new year but please be responsible and don't put others at risk. Cheers from Bozeman!