I really enjoyed Tate Chamberlin's post. It was inspiring, as is getting to know Tate. He really seems like that dude who wants to devote his time (in creative ways) for the cultivation of good. I too am a strong believer in 'love thy neighbor'. 'Do onto others as you would want done onto you' (something like that).

But after reading Tate's post I didn't think he was being judgemental. I just thought, what if the guy he gave the CD to didn't have the same taste in music? Now he's not only left without a tip but time wasted in listening to the CD. But after reading that post I was reassured of my original judgement of you Tate. You're a good man sir, and a creative one. Brainstorm with your friends on ways to experientially tip someone. It's tough when you don't know a person. How about a wiffle bat and ball set, who doesn't love wiffle ball? I'm serious, I know I would think that was way cooler than 2 bucks!