An interesting proposal was recently made by a Connecticut (home state shout out) lawmaker, who suggested changing the date of Halloween. He wants his state (and hopefully the whole country) to move Halloween, so that it falls on the last Saturday in October. I don't know, I'm personally thinking it's not a bad idea. Thanksgiving isn't a set date either and that works great. What do you think?

Tim Larson, a Democrat in Connecticut's House of Representatives, says his proposal would make Halloween easier for everyone. Larson was quoted in the Hartford Courant as saying "Halloween is a fun night for the whole family, but not so much when you have to race home from work, get the kids ready for trick or treating, welcome the neighborhood children, and then try to get everyone to bed for an early school and work morning." He also said it would boost the economy. There's all that, and it would make for better Halloween parties. I'm in, what do you think?