Should Halloween Be Moved To The Last Saturday In October?
An interesting proposal was recently made by a Connecticut (home state shout out) lawmaker, who suggested changing the date of Halloween. He wants his state (and hopefully the whole country) to move Halloween, so that it falls on the last Saturday in October. I don't know, I'm personally thinking it…
Southwest Montana, A Pure Gift
I just returned from another visit to my home state of Connecticut and although I love going back there to visit, I missed Montana (the one I now proudly call home). How about another reason why I love this place? Let me first begin with a disclaimer to my mother.
My Dad Taught Robert DeNiro How To Fish
My dad is cooler than your dad, he not only met DeNiro, but taught him how to fish. Robert DeNiro is my favorite actor of all time and I still can't get over the fact that my old man actually taught him how to fish! Here's the story: