Now that I've recently added News Director to my title around here I get up very early. Townsquare Media owns and operates five radio stations out of Bozeman and I report the morning news for four of them. That means getting here around 4:30ish to gather a slew of news stories. That also means setting my alarm clock for an obscenely ridiculous hour.

 If I had to look for benefits regarding this new position (and I think you do have to do that) I'd  first say leaving the door at 4:00 a.m. is interesting. I own the roads on my drive in, which is kind of cool. I feel like the world has come to an end and that makes me feel pretty important.

I've also entered a new sub-culture at work. It's just myself and the  morning hosts of each station and there's definitely some sort of bond we morning folk share over coffee and ego-minis in the break room. Just a bunch of zombies roaming the halls before the rest of the world awakes. You'd think we'd all be in grumpy moods but there's an appreciation for each other, a respect for the good fight. We all load up on enough coffee so as not to fake anything for the listeners and go home early (shaking). It's also cool to have more of the day to enjoy.

I've always wondered what strange hours like this do to a man and I look at it as a new interesting life journey. I wake up with the moon and go to bed as the sun sets. It's a little backwards but I'm experiencing life through new eyes. Adding a new chapter to life's resume, right? I think you have to look for positives in everything you do because that is the motivation, the flame that fuels the fire.