Spring must be here. Today was the annual "garage clean" at our house. Every year about this time, rejuvinated by the nicer weather (or possibility of it in the near future), we get off the couch and attack our hoarding pit of a garage with the lofty goal in mind of actually getting a car in there. This year's garage sweep found some hidden treasures.
That seductive picture there is me (from the high school yearbook studio session collection). What were we going for in that one? Just the everyday loving glare from my desk to yours, while being wisked away in the wonderland of learning. Ha! You gotta love it. I found a bunch of old pictures today, right up from when I was a baby. It's been fun going through those, corny letters from old girlfriends (people wrote letters back then, imagine?), yearbooks, and other priceless personal items.

 I always dread the spring clean every year until I actually submerse myself in it. It's always surprising at how fast the day gets away from you. It takes all day to clean your garage properly while going through old stuff and reminiscing. "Spring cleaning done right", add it to the list of Good For The Soul.