Well for me the highlight was definitely the New York Giants winning the Super Bowl! Mario Mannigham's catch during the game winning drive and Ahmad Bradshaw's turn-around-and-roll-backwards-into-the-end-zone-nail-in-the-coffin touchdown was pretty sweet too. But some other highlights included two different celebrity fingers making cameos.

I definitely wasn't too impressed by this year's commercials (I thought they seriously lacked in humor). I was surprisingly impressed by Madonna's halftime show. I know she was lip syncing but it was pretty amazing to me how Madonna pulled off a stage show of that magnitude in the amount of time she had. I gotta say, I was entertained the whole time. Did you catch M.I.A.'s friendly little gesture when she came out to perform her verse on Madonna's new song, "Give Me All Your Luvin"? M.I.A. has a line in the song where she says "I don't give a s#it". That is when she thought it was appropriate to flip off the camera. It was hard to hear whether she actually dropped the S-bomb but it was quite obvious which finger she gave millions of people (Clearly you do not give a s#it M.I.A.). According to the NFL, quote, "there was a failure in NBC's delay system." Really NBC? How is that possible after Nipplegate 8 years ago? Either way, these things also entertain me.

The other celebrity finger cameo was Rush Limbaugh's. It appeared to be his pointer finger (hard to tell because it was so far up his nose). Rush was sitting with Patriots owner Bob Kraft in his sky box and, unfortunately for him, the director decided to cut to Mr. Kraft when Rush was digging for gold. I may still be a child, but this too was a highlight for me. The Super Bowl couldn't have gone better for me this year (the commercials should be a break from the t.v. anyway). Until next year's Super holiday...cheers!