Adele Playing Michelle Obama’s 50th Birthday Party?
Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday is coming up next January, and the First Lady reportedly wants Adele and Beyonce to perform at the festivities. The British songstress has happily accepted the offer, a source tells the Daily Mail, and she's even agreed to play the highly anticipat…
Happy Birthday Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris turns 71 today but he's not celebrating. The number 71 is celebrating being associated with Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris jokes have been going around for awhile now, but they never get old to me.
Makin’ Plans, Big Ones
Summer in Bozeman is the best part of living here in my humble opinion. Sure, the winter is great with all the outdoor activities it affords but summer is hands down my favorite time. THIS summer may prove to be the best we've ever seen, and here's why: