Are the Montana Meth Commercials Back?
They're gross. They're flinch worthy. They WORK. I found new commercials floating around the internet, so I'd prepare yourself to perhaps see the graphic Montana Meth Project videos on TV soon.
Funny TV Commercials You’ve Never Seen [VIDEO]
Not sure these were actually "banned" but I know I've never seen them before. (One I'm quite sure is an SNL parody but the rest seem legit.) Some are foreign but most domestic and ALL are worth the 5 minutes you'll waste at work!
They Don’t Make Toys Like They Used To [VIDEOS]
Tis the season for commercials advertising "the hottest toys of the holiday season", so that kids can add them to their list and extend their parents seasonal nightmare of a scavenger hunt. It's also the season for nostalgia. Here's a few commercials that would have caugh…
‘Super’ Matchup Set
Pittsburg and Green Bay it is this year in the Super Bowl. I like it, I think that will be a good game (which is all I can ask for when my team isn't in it). You now have two weeks to make those final Super Bowl plans. Most people enjoy a good party on Super Sunday, but I am not one o…
Sneak Peek This Year’s Super Bowl Ads
Be the first to see some of this year's Super Bowl ads right here. This way you can place your bet early with your office mates about what company really did have the best ad. Consider it research.