Fishing License In Montana
Getting your fishing license in Montana can be an exciting experience when done for the first time, or a family tradition that happens every year. To fish in Montana, most anglers need two licenses: a Conservation License and a Fishing License. You can even apply online.
Locals Catch Tiger Shark From Shore In Hawaii [VIDEO]
Most locals are condemning this group of young men for catching this Tiger Shark. Not just because Hawaiians noted that this shark was a tame 'local' and had not given them any cause for alarm but also because of the brutal way in which the Tiger Shark was caught.
Latest Big Hole Closure: Melrose Bridge To Notch Bottom FAS
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks will now be imposing a full closure to fishing on the Big Hole River from Melrose Bridge to Notch Bottom Fishing Access Site (southeast of Glen) effective Tuesday, August 20, until conditions improve. Here's a full look at current closures and restrictions…

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