Lilac Season In Bozeman: Make Your Own Oil [VIDEO]
Most can agree that Bozeman is stunning this time of year with lilac bushes blooming like crazy. Their scent fills the afternoon air unlike any other plant. If you've got lilacs, consider making your own (super easy) oil from just two ingredients!
The Best Part Of Spring In Bozeman
We all know that Spring doesn't last very long around here, regardless of how long it lasts on the calendar. Could be beautiful....could be a blizzard. Who knows.
Man Wins Against City in Fight for ‘Flower Potty’
William Terry has fought the battle of the abode since last winter when city officials sent him a citation for his toilet-turned-flower-pot and asked him to remove it promptly. Disgruntled, Terry argued that he was merely recycling an otherwise useless object and went around town taking pictures of …