Find Out How Old Google Thinks You Are
It should come as no surprise that Google monitors all your online activity for their own personal gain. At least now we can see if they made accurate presumptions about us. Find out if Google guessed your age, gender and interests correctly:
Google Street View of the Amazon Forest?! Yep, They Did It [VIDEO]
I love Google street view. I somehow get this voyeuristic excitement when I use it even though I know the images are from the past. I studied abroad in Japan, and since my return, I've used Google Street View to take nostalgic trips through photos of the routes used to bike around town.
It makes sens…
Happy Valentine’s Day From Google [VIDEO]
If Google Doodles make you smile, so too will this video today. I think the moral of the story is just show interest in your Valentine's interests. Try to love what they love because you love them. Happy Valentine's Day!
Freddie Mercury’s Birthday Honored With Google Doodle [VIDEO]
To commemorate what would have been Queen singer Freddie Mercury’s 65th birthday this weekend, Google published a Mercury-ized doodle on their homepage, along with an accompanying animated video. The clip imagines the late star (who passed away in 1991 due to AIDS complications), cav…
Google Doodles Rock!
I go to on a daily basis, even if I don't need to search anything, because I love the creative google doodles each day. They create a different google logo each day, crafted out of that day's relevance. For example, seen here is today's google doodle (today is Harr…