May 22nd Is Buy A Musical Instrument Day
I don't know who declares these things but tomorrow, May 22nd, is Buy A Musical Instrument Day. Why not? If you've always wanted to learn how to play an instrument, this could be a final kick in the right direction. I think Music Villa is at least going to be a stop for me tomorrow.
Jon Gomm Performs Amazing Guitar Technique [VIDEO]
There are some really talented musicians out there wouldn't you agree? Sometimes they aren't even that famous. Not yet anyway. Every once in a while, thanks to user driven sites such as YouTube, a really great unknown will wow the world in just 5 minutes. Check out the amazing performance …
Strum Me A Suggestion If You Would
I enjoy playing the guitar. I first picked up a guitar as a kid and have had an on again/off again relationship with it ever since. I started playing more regularly about two years ago after I got a new guitar and made that commitment. I'm not aspiring to be in a band I just love playing for me…