Michelle Wolfe

Tricks To Survive The 2nd Half Of Winter
January and February are tough months to say you love this place. Yeah, the skiing is generally great but the weather is notoriously unpredictable with some days significantly below zero and others unseasonably "messy warm" in the 40s.
Hiding In Big Sky On A Weekend
So I've already had breakfast this morning at the Huntley Dining Room. It's really quite pleasant when you're one of the first people awake in the building. Biscuits and gravy are always a good idea in my book. So Big Sky skiing is on the agenda today. "The Biggest Skiing In …
Michelle’s Holiday Desk Makeover (Take 2)
O.k., we thought Michelle (our resident Scrooge) was going to be a little upset by our first holiday desk makeover...instead she called it "amateur hour". She'll see this little present first thing tomorrow morning. Do you think she'll be impressed? Also, check out what w…
Michelle’s Holiday Desk Makeover
Your sweet morning show host isn't exactly the holiday decorating type. Ironically, she shares an office here with someone who is on the exact opposite side of that spectrum. It's been quite amusing to watch that play out and really bring out Wolfe's inner Scrooge. So, we decided to g…
Holiday Parties
Holiday parties scare me a little. Ask anyone. It's the time of year where many folks go a little overboard with the "cheer" and make an ass of themselves.
My Woodstove. How Do I Take Care Of It?
I'll plead ignorance and ask for your help! I've inherited a wood burning stove with this house and it's been a LONG TIME since I had to maintain one. Can you give me some advice????
The Price Of Gold, My Priceless Piece
The price of gold has been wobbly the last couple of months, probably due mostly to people (rightfully so) freaking out about the economy. In my world, my MOTHER'S gold will always be priceless and you'll have to pry it from my cold, dead body before I'd sell it.
It’s Dungeness Season At The Wolfe Household
The Wolfe family is from the San Francisco Bay Area. I grew up in a place that offers up one of the most delicious oceanic culinary treats: The Dungeness Crab. It's perhaps my favorite thing on the planet, besides Cheez-It's and Budweiser.
Moose VIPs New & Old Get Everything
You may already be a MOOSE VIP. You may not be. If you're NOT - I'm going to bribe you into being one. It's no small secret that my desk might be one of the best desks to have in Bozeman. Not because the desk itself is cool but because of the awesome amount of free stuff that's lurking there. And I'…
Chex Mix Disaster
I have resigned myself to knowing I'm the only female on the planet who is not capable of making Chex Mix. Unfortunate, since it's my absolute favorite snack.

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