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Movie Trailer Street Prank [VIDEO]
What if a 'movie trailer voice over guy' narrated your every mundane move? There's a prank on YouTube where Jon Bailer (the voice of Honest Trailers) follows random people around L.A. and does just that. It's pretty funny, check it out here:
Harry Potter Trailer Recut to Look Like a Chick Flick [VIDEO]
The final film installment of fantasy series Harry Potter is currently in theaters, and fans who held the books and movies dear are sad to see the story come to a close.
In this well-edited re-imagining of the HP7 trailer, we get a glimpse of what the immensely popular saga might have looked like had…
Former MMA Champion Gina Carano Hits The Big Screen In ‘Haywire’
If you are as big of an MMA fan as me then you too must be pretty excited for this movie. We get to see one of most dangerous women in the world, former woman's MMA champion, Gina Carano, hit the silver screen for the first time. Unfortunately the movie meant she had to take time off from throwing r…