Bozeman Early Summer Rain Storm [VIDEO]
Abundant sunshine is in the forecast for this week, but Bozeman enjoyed LOTS of rain in the past couple of weeks making for greener pastures and hopefully a lighter fire season.
Cool Bozeman Storm Rolls In Last Week [VIDEO]
Craig Dugas captured this incredibly beautiful footage of storm clouds rolling into the Gallatin Valley on September 30th, 2013. Then, he compressed his footage into just 30 seconds of weather action. Thanks, Craig!
Bozeman Storm On Saturday 6/29/13 [VIDEO]
Most of Southwest Montana experienced a pretty good thunderstorm on Saturday including Bozeman. (I know it was pretty epic at my house. Thankfully I had a friend over so I didn't act like a scaredy-cat.) This quick video was taken on the MSU campus.
Bozeman Lightning Storm Time Lapse [VIDEO]
Lightning has wreaked havoc on southwest Montana's forests this year with fires still burning and smoke blanketing the valleys. This video silently captures the strange beauty of our 2012 lightning storms.

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