Tate Chamberlin

National High Five Day
In lieu of National High Five Day, I would like to send out a high five to everyone reading this. I'd also like to challenge you to give out High Fives instead of hand shakes in honor of a great day, my count so far today is 18 high fives and am shooting for 100 by days end. Can you beat it?
This Week In Review
Whether you are curious to what movies were released this week, good books to read, or need some advice from our very own Rich Ledoux and Tate Chamberlin, we've got everything important that happened in the last week right here.
Waiting For Tater Pig
I swear I spend more time waiting for Tate Chamberlin than I do anything else. At the moment, I'm taking a lunch break from the mountain because he texed "en route" over an hour ago. Sure he is. I know how this is going to go. I'll eat, put my boots back on, get back on t…