Whether you are curious to what movies were released this week, good books to read, or need some advice from our very own Rich Ledoux and Tate Chamberlin, we've got everything important that happened in the last week right here.

Funeral, Procession For Belgrade Soldier Today

By 95.1 The Moose 4 days ago

U.S. Army Captain Jeremiah Sipes of Belgrade was killed at Fort Bragg on January 1, 2011. reports are that the shot was fired by a hunter.  His remains arrived in Bozeman Saturday afternoon. The funeral and procession are scheduled for today.

DIS-CO Shopping, It’s incendiary.

A close friend / assistant of mine turned me onto this concept a few months ago. I'm going to call it DIS-CO shopping and let's call him....Kyle. Kyle is one of the most insightful people I know and with my obvious great taste in people to do business with, he was an obvious choice Read More...

Tuscon Shooting: Latest Developments

By 95.1 The Moose 4 days ago

Here is the latest information from Tuscon, Arizona where twenty people were shot Saturday at a Safeway, killing six and wounding fourteen, including U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. Among the dead are a Federal Judge and a nine-year old girl.

Anyone Else Having A Hard Time Gettin In The 2011 Groove?

By Rich Ledoux 4 days ago

A new year is met with youthful enthusiasm for most (at least for the first few weeks) with those new resolutions I keep hearing so much about. I've never been one for those which might explain why this new year has only brought confusion to my system. Read More...

You probably heard of the tornado and the destruction that occured to the Metra Park Arena in Billings. Workers have now begun reconstruction and it's going be all new and improved.

2 Skiers Die At Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort

By 95.1 The Moose 5 days ago

In what at least seems to be an unusually deadly ski season in Montana and Wyoming, two skiers were killed yesterday at Whitefish Mountain in Northwest Montana. In a separate incident, another man died yesterday in an avalanche near Hungry Horse Dam in Flathead County.

Bozeman’s Latest Stats

By mwolfe 4 days ago

I'm a stats geek. Always have been. Knowing what your town REALLY looks like is interesting and can be an eye opener if you've never bothered to research the details. City-Data is one of my favorite websites to check when I'm researching a town. Read More...

Avalanche Investigation in Bridger’s

By dougchabot 3 days ago

Yesterday, Eric, Randy Elliott (the General Manager of Bridger Bowl) and I trekked out to investigate Sunday’s avalanche below the south summit of Saddle Peak named Argentina Bowl (video) (many photos).  Thi Read More...

Attention Moose VIPs: A Pair Of Moonlight Basin Ski Passes Are Now In The VIP Raffle Section

By Rich Ledoux 3 days ago

That's right, a pair of Moonlight Basin Ski Passes are now up for grabs in the raffle section. Login to your VIP account and start the bidding. It's 1,000 points per entry and you can enter as many times as you'd like through January 27th. We'll draw our winner on the 28th, good luck! Read More...

Today’s “Seriously Dude?” Moment Of The Day

By Rich Ledoux 3 days ago

That can't even be a real tattoo. What man in his right mind would garnish his body with a Justin Bieber picture? That's your daily reminder guy? The Monday Night Football crew has their "C'mon Man" segment, the Moose now has something similar. Read More...

Verizon Gets iPhone

By 95.1 The Moose 3 days ago

Big news for any phone aficionados out there; iPhone 4 is coming to Verizon--this February! Excited buyers can begin pre-ordering their iPhones February 3 and the phone will be available February 10. Details inside. Read More...

Admission To Yellowstone Free This Weekend

By 95.1 The Moose 3 days ago

We really do live in paradise. We wake up here, go to work here, raise our kids here, mow the lawn (for two months) here, and eat supper here. With all that life demands, it’s easy to forget that Yellowstone Park is our backyard. This is your reminder.

DVD’s This Week

By 95.1 The Moose 3 days ago

Movies about Facebook, love, wolves and crime. It's a good week for dvd's with tons of variety and some real hits. Check them out. Read More...

It’s Official, Music Provides Intense Pleasure

By Rich Ledoux 2 days ago

It's been scientifically proven, some of us need our music fix! A brain-scanning experiment was recently conducted that shows humans produce dopamine when listening to music, the same pleasure chemical released when eating or having sex. Here's the article from CBS News, Read More...

Just Some Quick Bro News To Share

By Rich Ledoux 2 days ago

I've got a few headlines to share with the Dude/Man/Bros (as M Wolfe would say). Actually, this stuff could be of interest to both genders (but mainly the guys). Read More...