For a professional singer, there are few gaffes more embarrassing than flubbing a line from 'The Star Spangled Banner.' (Are you listening, Christina Aguilera?) But when these pint-sized patriots get caught up on the lyrics, well, it's just flat-out adorable. The more mess-ups, the merrier.

Just in time for the Fourth of July, here are 10 'aww'-inspiring renditions, all from singers under 10 years old.


For a two-year-old, he's sure got a lot of range. Watch out, Mariah Carey!




This three-year-old went on to become a top 10 finalist on 'America's Got Talent.' After watching this video, we can see why.




If you're going to 'hair at the twilight,' you'd better do it proudly, as seen in this adorable video.




The microphone is literally one-third her size, which only makes this video that much more fun to watch.




Sure, he takes a few liberties with the lyrics, but there's no age requirement for creative license.




We'll be the first to admit that he's a bit shouty. On the plus side, he remembered the lyrics, and his mom's reaction at the end is more than enough to make you say, “Aww!”




Twins! That's two for the price of one. Boy does that flag look delicious.




Live from her pajamas, it's an adorable three-year-old! There are some really nice lyrical additions in here, too.




Aww. This little three-year-old dedicates her song to the troops. Is there a better way to celebrate the Fourth of July? Didn't think so.




Not too shabby for a one-and-a-half year old. We just hope no one was waiting for him to finish before they started eating.