The Elimination Chamber, quite possibly the most brutal and vicious match ever created by the WWE, is a massive structure standing at 16ft high and weighing just under 10 tons. It is a true highlight of the PPV year for wrestling fans. Many wrestlers have entered and few have been the same after the match. With 13 total chamber matches taking place since it’s inception, it’s safe to say there have been plenty of great moments, with a lot of them being nothing short of epic.

From the Rated R superstar Edge winning his first World Heavyweight Championship, to ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels emerging from beneath the chamber to attack The Undertaker, bodies have been broken, and careers have been shortened inside the menacing structure.

Let’s take a look at the 10 best Elimination Chamber moments in WWE history.

Randy Orton DDT’s Sheamus on the chamber floor

We are going to start the countdown at the 2010 Elimination Chamber match, with ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton. Here Orton shows just how vicious he can be by delivering his signature DDT, and not just in the ring oh no, he spiked poor Sheamus’ head right off the steel floor! Now how’s that for a start to this list?

Rob Van Dam’s ‘Five Star Frog Splash’ off the chamber pod

Rob Van Dam provided one of the main highlights in the very first Elimination Chamber match, which took place all the way back in 2002. Here Van Dam decided that he wasn’t just going to give Triple H his signature maneuver the ‘Five Star Frog Splash’ He was going to do it from the top of the chamber pod itself. we rate that frog splash ten stars.

Edge attacks Kofi Kingston to enter his second chamber match of the night

At the 2009 elimination Chamber, the ‘Rated R’ superstar Edge entered the first Chamber match of the night as the WWE Champion. He became the first one eliminated however, but didn’t let that stop him as later in the night he attacked Kofi Kingston before the start of the second Chamber match, then proceeded to take his place and win the World Heavyweight Championship. Ultimate opportunist indeed.

Rey Mysterio leaps off chamber pod

In the 2011 Elimination Chamber match for the World Heavyweight Championship, Rey Mysterio threw caution to the wind and jumped off the top of the chamber pod onto the worlds largest athlete, The Big Show. Show had already been weakened by the other wrestlers in the match, but he was still able to kickout by tossing Mysterio halfway across the ring.

John Morrison jumps off the top of the chamber

John Morrison, someone well known for being one of the most athletically gifted wrestlers of today, proved just how athletic he is by climbing the structure and jumping off onto Sheamus below. By far one of the craziest moments we have ever seen, Morrison earned his place on this most prestigious list.

Shawn Michaels costs The Undertaker the World Heavyweight Championship

A truly shocking moment came at the 2010 Elimination Chamber, when Shawn Michaels emerged from under the chamber to cost The Undertaker the match and his title, by delivering his patented ‘Sweet Chin Music.’ Michaels obsession with getting a rematch with The Undertaker at Wrestlemania provided us a moment we won’t soon forget.

The Undertaker delivers a chokeslam from the top of the chamber pod

MVP got to witness firsthand just how evil The Undertaker can be, when at the 2008 chamber match he suffered a devastating chokeslam from the dead man. It just so happened to be one from the top of the chamber pod, where he had the bright idea to try and escape The Undertaker. A plan that that didn’t pan out so well in the end.

Goldberg spears Chris Jericho through the chamber glass

Chris Jericho got to participate in one of the all time great Elimination Chamber highlights, unfortunately for him, it was when he came face to face with Bill Goldberg. After cleaning house Goldberg turned his sights to Jericho, who turned around and took a massive spear right through the glass of a chamber pod! A move that showed how vicious Goldberg could be and why he earned his legendary undefeated streak.

Edge cashes in ‘Money In The Bank’ on John Cena

No one would have thought that current WWE Champion John Cena, after emerging victorious at the 2006 Elimination Chamber match would be forced to compete one more time, as ‘The Ultimate Opportunist’ Edge would shock everyone by cashing in his money in the bank contract on Cena. Thus, winning his first of ten world championships in a Hall of Fame career.

Shawn Michaels wins first ever Elimination Chamber Match

The first ever Elimination Chamber match is still considered by many to be the best one, particularly because of the performance by ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels, who hadn’t wrestled for nearly 5 years. Michaels returned earlier in the year at SummerSlam in a match with Triple H. It would ultimately lead to Michaels entering the chamber and becoming the World Heavyweight Champion.

Did we miss something? Well then let us know in the comments below what your favorite Elimination Chamber moment.


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