There's no better time to get a new job if you're looking for a new career path. It's no secret that just about every business in the Bozeman area is hiring, but there are some real gems available for the right person.

DELTA AIRLINES: Customer Service Agent, Ticket/Gate (Seasonal Ready Reserve) - It's not just Delta that is currently hiring. Almost all of the airlines that fly in and out of Bozeman have placed ads or participated in recent job fairs. If you're into travel related perks (who isn't????), then working for one of our airlines might be the perfect new avenue for you.

BOZEMAN FIRE DEPARTMENT: Their application process is open now through June 14th. Apply at the link above through the City of Bozeman Human Resources page. Please do not contact the Bozeman Fire Department directly regarding jobs.

MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY: Event Scheduling and Office Coordinator - Are you a multi-tasker? Want the benefits of working at MSU? You will be working with the Athletics department, student organizations and high profile events that happen at MSU. (Benefits include: Tuition waiver, Paid Holidays immediately, Paid Vacation Leave after 6 months, Paid Sick Leave after 90 days, Wellness Program immediately, Medical, Dental, Vision and Life insurance immediately, Retirement Plan immediately)

BIG SKY RESORT: "Famous Cowboy" Bellman, Valet, Driver - Hear me out...I LOVE the Cowboys at Big Sky Resort and I know the right person can make BANK doing it via tips from guests on top of your wage. The Cowboys and Cowgirls are the first to greet guests, and do everything from help with bags to driving guests. It's definitely a FAST PACED job so if you want to get some exercise and have your days fly by, this might be the best gig around for you.

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