In my never ending quest to make sure your zoned-out binge watching is filled with high quality creators, these next 5 sets of online content creators perfectly fit the bill if you've had 3 gummies or just need something cool to watch before bed. (To each their own.)

JAY FOREMAN (Unfinished London, Map Men, Politics Unboringed): This guy is a talented and busy creator. With at least 3 YouTube channels under his belt, his content falls under the educational banner of great chilled-out stuff to watch. My personal favorite of his, is the Unfinished London. Especially if you've spent time there, many of his videos will make you want to go back. Such an old city has lots of secrets.

SCAMMER PAYBACK: I love this channel so much and that probably reveals just how much of a dork I really am. It's a group of tech and computer geeks on a mission to exposed, mess with, harass, and bust scammers based primarily out of call centers in India. These guys also do live broadcast in addition to their shorter, more produced pieces. Surprisingly addictive, IMO. "Scammers are ruthless, and that is why I am here. My channel is all about bringing awareness to this critical problem with humor and fun. We will learn a lot of things along the way and if I help one person through this, it will be worth it."

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JJin FOOD: This might be one of the stranger channels I've ever suggested but it's surprisingly relaxing, interesting, and almost educational. The whole channel is unnarrated, and they simply video Japanese, Chinese, and Korean restaurant workers mass prepare delicious looking items. Precision, skill, quickness - it's amazingly cool to see. "Mass produced" on a street cart or restaurant level - not packaged crap stuff. Trust me on this one. "Welcome! It is a variety of street food information channels."

FAIL ARMY: You may have seen this one as it's not exactly a budding channel. It is what you think it is - videos of all things failing. People falling, cars crashing, and just about anything you can think of in terms of 'fail'. There's no blood and gore...nobody gets seriously injured. It's fast enough paced to keep your attention and there are TONS of videos on this channel. I assure you, you won't run out.

Photo by Elsa Olofsson on Unsplash
Photo by Elsa Olofsson on Unsplash

The next round of 5 will be dedicated to funny cat video channels. Yes, I have found MANY more than you'd expect - and these aren't your typical "cat jumps out of kitchen cabinet" type thing. I promise you I'll deliver the highest quality and most unique cat channels on the internet!

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