Listen, we may be ‘Empire Strikes Back’-qouting geeks, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to party.
Sure we speak Klingon, have a few lightsaber replicas hanging on the wall and think of Jean-Luc Picard as a father figure, but our nerdy obsessions have never stopped us from popping open a brew or four with friends while, say, watching a five-hour ‘Firefly’ marathon.

We’re geeks who drink, and we know there’s a legion of nerds out there who love drinking the world’s finest brews just as much as they love reading Orion Slave Girl fanfic. So next time you’re looking to celebrate your geekiness and get your drink on with friends (apologies), why not merge your appreciation for good brew and pop culture with these 8 nerdy pop culture-inspired bottle openers? Who’s got the Romulan ale?

Marvel Silver Surfer Bottle Opener

This is the first-ever Silver Surfer bottle opener which means you’ll be one of the first people ever to pop open a cold one with the cosmos-spanning Surfer’s board. If that doesn’t get you some geek cred, well, we don’t know what will.

Captain America’s Shield

America! Frak, yeah! Show your patriotism and your devotion to all things Marvel with this Captain America Shield bottle opener. This one has a unique circular shield shape which makes it easy to pocket around, and it doubles as a flying disc … maybe.

‘The Expendables’ Skull

‘The Expendables’ logo is probably one of the coolest things about Sylvester Stallone’s “old bros vs. other old bros” action franchise. You can’t deny this solid metal 'Expendables' opener looks pretty badass with that skull backed by a winged array of big guns. Why not attach it to your chain wallet?

Thor’s Hammer

We’re pretty sure Thor, the god of Thunder, uses his hammer to open a bottled pint of ale or two when no one is looking, so why shouldn’t you? Of course, this Thor’s Hammer bottle opener isn’t as large as Thor’s hammer, but it still gets the job done.

The USS Enterprise

Hey, we can already get our hands on Star Trek-branded Romulan Ale, so why not pop open one of those blue babies with this cool bottle opener shaped like the USS Enterprise. We’re sure Commander Riker would approve, just don’t tell Spock and Sarek.

‘Star Trek’ Set

This three-piece tin set is the perfect gift for the nerdy drunk collector in your life. You get two USS Enterprise bottle openers in two sizes plus a corkscrew shaped like a Klingon Bird of Prey. Blood wine, anyone?

The Death Star

Use the most formidable force of evil on the planet, The Death Star, to pop open something that will help you forget about the terrible ‘Star Wars’ prequels. This metal bottle opener also doubles as a magnet, so you can display it on the fridge or wherever you like.

Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite

This beautiful sculpted replica of Han Solo frozen in carbonite from ‘Empire Strikes Back’ is four inches long and looks just like the real thing. So if you can’t afford the life sized replica of Han Solo’s frozen state, why not pick this smaller piece up and open up a few of the galaxy’s finest with friends?