Adele, who recently revealed the news of her pregnancy along with her (supposed) hopes for a boy, is now rumored to be working on an album of nursery rhymes for her unborn child.

On June 29, the British singer made the exciting announcement that she and her boyfriend, Simon Konecki, are expecting and that they couldn’t be more thrilled about it.

Adele is already hard at work preparing for the baby’s arrival, but even with all of these life-changing plans on her plate, she certainly hasn’t strayed from her love of music. In addition to planning an extravagant nursery, she is also allegedly recording a collection of nursery rhymes for her baby. According to a source (as reported to the Sun), Adele “has been playing the rhymes to her belly” so that she “can get her voice as close as possible to the baby so it can hear as many soothing sounds as possible.”

It’s also rumored that Konecki may propose to her in the near future — something he was apparently planning on doing all along, but will possibly act on a bit sooner now that there’s a baby on the way — but this has not yet been confirmed.

For now, Adele requests that the public respects her privacy as she gets ready for this brand-new addition to her family.

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